WALK . . . RUN . . . BIKE . . . PADDLE . . . WHEELCHAIR!


If you can do one of these, if you love Milwaukee, and if you want others to both get to know their city better and help build it with you . . . then YOU can lead a Jane's Walk.



First, check out the walks citizens offered during our first 3 years.



Then, consider all the other possibilities:



  • Themed walks: sustainability, water, health, safe streets, etc.

  • Historical walk

  • Parks walk 

  • Public art or architecture walk

  • Culture walk

  • Cuisine walk

  • Prayer walk

  • Memorials and memories walk

  • Walk audits: observe, note, and reflect on community assets, struggles, and possibilities, then share with the City's bicycle and pedestrian task force 

  • Exploratory walks: start at point A and work your way through a new neighborhood with no particular plan or map (but know where point B will be so people can get home!)

  • Youth-centered walk: either youth-led or focused on helping youth discover their city

  • Sunrise or sunset walk

  • Happy hour walk

  • Unknown or scarcely known significant places in your neighborhood

  • Favorite ____ in Milwaukee

  • Weekly walks (like a different park each Sunday)

  • "Goal" walks (like the goal to traverse the entire city using the County Parks system)

  • Walks that begin or end at a community hub (like the Sherman Phoenix)


Run or Bike

  • Jane’s Jog or Bike: you can cover a lot more ground!


  • Jane's Kayak: explore green infrastructure on the water, history of our waterways, etc.


City bus

  • Follow one bus line through different parts of the city, disembarking in different neighborhoods

  • Notes:

    • Avoid rush hour and school dismissal times.

    • Make sure everyone has an M-Card with a pass or stored value, or the MCTS iPhone app.

    • Run your plans by Andy Tillman at MCTS ( a couple of weeks before your tour.



  • Plan a wheelchair-accessible tour of a neighborhood

  • Assess accessibility of a particular street or neighborhood



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