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Check out the virtual tours from 2020 below as examples!

Tour Guide: Virginia Small

Video: Jennifer Current


Milwaukee's Gordon Park offers something for nearly everyone. Join writer and landscape historian Virginia Small for an amble filmed by landscape architect and educator Jennifer Current. Created in 1907 on land formerly owned by the Gordon Famiily, and across from Charles Whitnall's homestead, Gordon Park is a multi-faceted urban nexus. It's become especially popular since being intersected by the Beerline Trail about 15 years ago, an effort coordinated by the River Revitalization Foundation. Learn about its amenities and historical highlights, including an intriguing lannon-stone "council ring" inspired by renowned landscape architect Jens Jensen. The tour also features poetry and panoramic photography.  

Tour Guide: Best Buddies


Join Best Buddies to see some of the highlights of the accessible Milwaukee RiverWalk.


Videos can be from 1 to 20 minutes, but you'll likely get more views if it's shorter. You could pick a few highlights or even stand on a street corner and point out all the interesting things that can be found right there. It's totally up to you and is very open-ended. ​​The important ​purposes are sharing and connecting​.​  

These will be posted on social media as well as right here. 

Here​ are some guidelines/guidance​​ ​​on how to proceed:

  • If doing Facebook or Instagram Live:



Jane’s Walk MKE can either host your live video by adding you as a page admin OR we can work with you to cross​-​post your video so it appears on your page and the Jane’s Walk MKE page. Contact us at if you're interested in hosting a live tour!

  • If doing a pre-recorded tour​:

​Send video to​:​ and we’ll post it on Facebook with tags to promote additional views and shares. If there are tags or page mentions we should use, let us know. We’ll also upload this to for additional exposure beyond the initial post. 


  • Sound: ​If possible, use a microphone to record your video. This will vastly improve the sound quality. Earbuds with​ a​ microphone work well​,​ too.

  • Orientation: ​​Hold phone horizontally when capturing your video. 

  • Clothing: ​Avoid wearing stripes or distracting patterns. 

  • Lighting: If possible, avoid pointing your phone toward the sun, as you will be silhouetted. And as we know, the golden hour, right before the sun sets, is ideal for lighting. ​ ​

  • Script: ​Consider your script in advance to make the most of your video time.​ Don't forget to tell your audience who you are! ​

  • ​File size: ​Ideally, your videos should follow the below specifications in order for the video to play automatically on Facebook as people scroll through their feeds. This will give you many more views! If you can’t meet the following specs, we can link to your video that is hosted on an external website like Vimeo, YouTube, or your own website. 

    • Resolution should be 1080p or less

    • Size up to 10 GB

  • Assistance: ​If you need help recording, contact Dominic at

Tour Guide: Sally Merrell


Forest Home is a "Priceless Treasure" located on the south side of Milwaukee. Its nearly 200 acres are filled with sun-graced grass, fountains, a lake, thousands of trees and roads that wind through multiple floral gardens and the final resting places of more than 117,000 individuals. Since 1850, Milwaukee has grown in an uncertain world of wars, victories, tragedies, and triumphs. Many of the city's beer barons and notable citizens are buried here. You are welcome to walk, bike, or jog in the cemetery during open hours. Both guided and self-guided tours are listed under the events tab at

Tour Guide: Jeff Veglahn


I’m the Land Steward at Urban Ecology Center, and I am really excited to share my virtual tour of Three Bridges Park with you.

Tour Guide: Eddee Daniel


A 11-minute visit to Milwaukee's Riverside Park, with naturalist Eddee Daniel.

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