We have decided to offer the option of registering a safe in-person walk, bike, paddle, or roll this year.

Just like our virtual offerings, we ask that you keep your tour simple with only 5 stops: 

  • 5 special features

  • 5 stories (yours or others')

  • 5 senses (something to see, touch, taste, hear, and smell)

  • 5 of your favorite things

Here are safe options for you to consider when designing your in-person, physically distanced walk:

  • Small group (no mic or video): Only 5 reservations available so walk leader and participants can walk 6' apart and still hear each other.

  • Small group (mic or conference call): Up to 25 reservations, with walk leader wearing sterilized mic headset or communicating with participants via phone (everyone calls into a conference call and listens via headphones on their own phones).

  • Large group becomes small groups: Up to 25 reservations, all of whom gather at a specified location, physically distanced.  Walk leader introduces a loop route, purpose, background, stops, etc. and distributes maps.  Groups of no more than 5 embark together, returning to gathering spot to process walk with each other. (Alternative: Arrange to have 5 people stationed at 5 stops, so participants can walk to each and learn something cool!)

COVID-19 Guidelines:

Pre-registration is required for all tour participants.

All participants must wear a mask. 

All participants from different households must physically distance the recommended 6 feet.

If you feel ill or suspect you may be experiencing symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, please do not attend any tours.